Study Finds a Wide Gender Gap in Research Funds


Today’s blog post features an article recently published in the Boston Globe about gender gap in research funds.

Click here for the article

Some portions of the article suggest the source of this wage / funding gap could be due to the notion that women do not negotiate as much as men do for their start-up research packages and wages.  Negotiation can be critical in helping ensure you are fairly paid.  Many of you have probably heard or researched how to be successful when it comes to negotiation, but I thought I would share a website I have used in the past to help me prepare for a job related negotiation.  Great for understanding what the salary range is for your profession / major / level of education – includes information on average salaries and bonuses but also on benefits.

Love to hear what the graduate community thinks and / or if anyone else knows about any other helpful resources!  Post on the Facebook!


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