Looking to get involved in Regions A, B, or E? Region Grad Reps needed!

Graduate students, or recently graduated grad students! Are you looking to get involved at the region level? We are currently in need of region graduate student representatives (RGR) for Regions A, B, and E. As RGR, you participate in the region leadership meetings and represent graduate students by voicing concerns or providing input to the activities and plans of the region. The purpose of the RGR position is to increase awareness and participation of graduate students in each region. You’re encouraged to reach out to collegiate and professional sections to help them boost their graduate student participation. In many regions, the RGR also helps plan graduate student involvement at the region conference.

By being an RGR you help bring the concerns of graduate students to the region leadership while gaining valuable SWE experience and building your SWE network at the same time! If you are interested in this position, please contact Katharine at grad-coordinator@swe.org to learn more!

The roles and responsibilities of an RGR are below:


  • Graduate student point person for Region
  • Represents graduate students to Region Council (meeting method and schedule vary)
  • Represents graduate students as necessary to Region Collegiate Team (meeting method and schedule vary)
  • Participates as necessary in Collegiate President’s Calls (meeting method and schedule vary)
  • Reports to the Region Conference Coordinator on the SWE Graduate Community leadership team; Informs Region Governor of activities and status.


  • Represent Region graduate students
  • Help professional and collegiate sections get graduate students involved
  • Reach out to collegiate and professional sections to help increase awareness of the SWE Grad Community and the resources available to grad students.
  • Give advice on engaging section grad members whether or not there is a grad group
  • Strengthen existing grad groups and build new ones that may want to form.
  • Communicate regularly with graduate students in the region.

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