9/7/15 Newsletter

Hello Grad Community!

Happy Labor Day! I hope you all are having a relaxing (as relaxing as possible!) holiday weekend! In this newsletter:

  1. Welcome to the fall semester!
  2. Conference Rapid Fire sessions
  3. Grad Community Spotlights
  4. Post-Doc and Job opportunities
  5. How to get involved in SWE as a grad student
  6. Upcoming webinars
  7. Help a fellow researcher — female PhD students at MIT, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, and UPenn wanted!
  8. Connect with us!

(1) Welcome to the fall semester!

Welcome back! May productive research come your way this academic year! The Graduate Community is here to serve you, and we’d like to know what you would like to see from us! Please fill out a quick Google Form to let us know your thoughts: https://goo.gl/N0eZmL

Additionally, if you know of other graduate students who may be interested in the Graduate Community, please forward these emails on to them, or point them to the Blog and Facebook pages! If you are part of a Grad Group, please ensure your distribution list receives these emails!

(2) Conference Rapid Fire Sessions

Rapid Fire Sessions will be held at the WE15 Annual Conference this October for BOTH Graduate and Undergraduate students. Make sure to encourage any undergraduates you may mentor to apply! This is a great way to get presentation practice and even persuade your advisor to let you come (and perhaps get funding!). For more details and application information check out the following links:

Graduate: https://swegrad.wordpress.com/2015/08/27/we15-rapid-fire-sessions-call-for-applications/

Undergraduate: https://swegrad.wordpress.com/2015/08/30/undergraduate-rapid-fire-session-at-we15/

(3) Grad Community Spotlights

Did you see the spotlights for the month of August? Congratulations to Heather Sauder and the entire Iowa State Grad SWE Group – keep up the great work!

Spotlight on Iowa State Grad SWE (10 Aug 2015): https://swegrad.wordpress.com/2015/08/10/grad-group-spotlight-iowa-state-university-grad-swe/

Spotlight on Heather Sauder (25 Aug 2015): https://swegrad.wordpress.com/2015/08/25/grad-member-spotlight-heather-sauder/

Today there was a brand new spotlight on Rebecca Reck (7 Sept 2015): https://swegrad.wordpress.com/2015/09/07/grad-member-spotlight-rebecca-reck/

Do you know someone (or yourself) or a Grad Group who deserves recognition? Submit their name here: http://goo.gl/51Oh1H

(4) Post-Doc and Job Opportunities

Be sure to check out the Grad Blog for information on current (known) opportunities: https://swegrad.wordpress.com/funding-internships-and-postdocs/. Please email grad-coordinator@swe.org with additional opportunities that should be posted!

(5) How to get involved in SWE as a graduate student

I’ve received many emails and questions from members of the Grad Community wondering how they can get involved in SWE. I’ve put this information together in a Blog post, which can be modified as more opportunities become available. Check out the ways you can get involved here:


(6) Upcoming webinars

Sept. 11th @ 12pm EDT – How to become a better technical writer. Register here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6664165633205101313

Sept. 15th @ 12pm EDT – Following Up: Strategic and Creative Ways to Reach Back. More info and register here:http://advancelearning.swe.org/store/seminar/seminar.php?seminar=44823

(7) Help a fellow researcher!

This comes from Forough Ghahramani:

As a doctoral student at University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education Executive Doctorate program, I am conducting a qualitative study of how the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystems for highly selective research institutions are promoting a pipeline of PhD women in STEM innovators.

I am conducting a qualitative study involving 4 universities: UPENN, MIT, Stanford, and Carnegie Mellon. Part of my methodology involves interviewing women PhD students and faculty from STEM programs of these institutions.

For the each of the four institutions, I am looking for two categories of female PhD students who are at least in their second year that 1) have applied for patent and/or commercialized their research, and 2) that have not applied for a patent and are not engaged in commercialization.

Participation in the research is anonymous. I plan to share the summary findings of the study with  participants.


Forough Ghahramani


(8) Connect with us!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/swegrad/

Blog: https://swegrad.wordpress.com/

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at grad-coordinator@swe.org!



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