Welcome to FY16!

Hello SWE Graduate Community!

Warning: For those who receive the emails, this is repeat information from the email! If you do not receive the emails, please sign up to receive them by filling out a short Google form here: http://tinyurl.com/mbrd429

Happy July, and welcome to FY16! I am honored to be the Graduate Member Coordinator for this year, and my primary goal is to connect more with our existing graduate member base (you all!) as well as to attract more graduate students to the Grad Community and SWE as a whole.

If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do feel free to contact me at grad-coordinator@swe.org or Liz at grad-coordinator-elect@swe.org.

We wanted to share some updates with you to start off the year. I hope to send regular email updates at least once a month with upcoming events relevant to graduate students and updates from the Grad Community. Be sure to follow the Facebook page and blog for up-to-date information!

Blog: https://swegrad.wordpress.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/swegrad/

In this email:
(1) FY16 Grad Leadership Team
(2) Grad Member Spotlight: Himani Agrawal
(3) Two new FY16 features: Grad Member Spotlight and Ask Grad SWE a Question!

(1) FY16 Grad Leadership Team
Congratulations to our wonderful FY16 Grad Community Leadership team! I am excited to work with each and every one of them to accomplish great things this year!
Liz Dreyer – Grad Member Coordinator Elect
Richelle Thomas – WE15 Grad Programming Coordinator
Rachel Unruh – WE15 Grad Programming Coordinator Elect
Meisha Berg – Regional Conference Coordinator
Judy Amanor-Boadu – Webinar Coordinator
Allie Anderson – Social Media Coordinator

Read a bit more about each of us on the Leadership page of the Blog: https://swegrad.wordpress.com/grad-leadership/

(2) Grad Member Spotlight: Himani Agrawal
Congratulations to Himani Agrawal, our June Grad Member Spotlight! Read more about all she has accomplished as well as some fun things about her on the SWE Grad Blog:

(3) Two new features for FY16: Grad Spotlight and Ask Grad SWE a Question!
The Spotlight is meant to highlight the great work being done by members or Grad Groups of the Graduate Community. To nominate someone (or yourself) for this recognition, please fill out this quick Google Form:

Ask Grad SWE A Question! Is meant to provide a forum for people to ask questions to the entire Graduate Community, anonymity is an option. The question is then posed on the Facebook page for the Community to provide feedback. The first (and most recent) question was in regards to WE15 travel. To ask a question, please fill out this quick Google Form:

Thank you for reading! As always, please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.


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