SWE Magazine must-reads

How many of us actually read the SWE magazine? In full disclosure, I used to skim through it and then toss it on my pile of magazines.  Recently though, because my husband and I are about to move across the country and we’re going through all our stuff to determine what gets tossed in the garbage/recycling and what comes with us, I have been going through my SWE magazines and actually reading the articles. I can’t believe I’ve missed out all these years! So, whether you’re looking for something to read while on the treadmill or elliptical, or looking for some light before-bed reading (the two ways I’ve been reading the magazine), there are several articles in the 3 most recent SWE magazines that I think the Grad Community would appreciate. If you’ve already recycled your magazines, never fear, you can access the archives here:



Spring 2015 issue:

  • Page 10 – “Weaving the Stories of Women’s Lives” – inspirational short descriptions of women you’ve probably never heard of.
  • Page 18 – Policy Aims and the Federal Budget – as all grad students know, funding dictates everything. This article talks about STEM funding from a National perspective, and how SWE and its members may be affected.
  • Page 20 – Compelling Encouragement for Women Engineers – another inspirational story of a woman who accomplished so much throughout her life, Mildred Dresselhaus, PhD.
  • Page 29 – SWE at 65 Women Engineers You Should Know – more inspirational stories!
  • Page 36 – Bullying at Work – learning how to identify and deal with bullies in the workplace.
  • Page 40 – Women in Engineering: A Review of 2014 Literature – I found this very interesting in terms of what the experts are saying about women and their role in engineering, including statistical analysis of degrees and faculty positions.
  • Pages 60-63 – Career Toolbox and Life & Work – tips on how to succeed at work and find balance in your life.


Winter 2015 issue:

  • Page 12 – Behind the Headlines: How Women Candidates Did in the 2014 Elections – interesting assessment on how many female representatives we have in the legislature.
  • Page 14 – Women Engineers Share Their Stories on a New Wiki – SOOOO COOL! There is a new wiki that is a joint effort between many different professional organizations to share lessons and stories of life from many different disciplines. You can find the specific engineering one here: http://ethw.org/Category:Engineering_and_society
  • Page 26 – Wanted: Diverse Cybersecuirty Work Force – the importance of cybersecurity and of attracting and retaining women in this field.
  • Page 38 – 2014 Achievement Award Address – Frances Mazze Hurwitz, PhD gives a memorable and inspirational address when receiving the 2014 Achievement Award at WE14.
  • Page 50 – On-Ramping and Off-Ramping – the challenges women face as they start a family and the decision to stay at work or not.


Fall 2014 issue:

  • Page 12 – Bridging the Gap for Girls in STEM – the story of the Girls Scouts Troop 2612 who participated in The 2014 White House Science Fair.
  • Page 22 – A Pioneer in Equal Rights and Earthquake Safety – the inspirational story of Ruth Gordon Schnapp, P.E. and her battle with equal rights in society and in the work place.
  • Page 44 – Women Engineering Leaders in Academe 2014 – a discussion on women succeeding in academia.
  • Page 80 – Should I Do a Postdoc? – a question many in the Grad Community face!




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