How to keep up with SWE

If you are reading this then you probably follow the grad community on Facebook.  THANK YOU!  But did you know there are a lot more ways to keep up with not only the SWE graduate community but also all of SWE?  For example, SWE also has a Facebook page , a tumblr, a Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube and Google+ 

If you use a RSS feed aggregator you can follow this blog and soon you will be able to follow the new SWE ‘All Together’ Blog. The ‘All Together’ is the best way to keep up with society news.  As GMC I get a lot of email questions about membership, the annual conference, and scholarships.  The ‘All Together’ will have a lot of this information.

If you are a member of the society (and you really should be, it is absolutely worth it) you will receive the magazine in the mail but you can also read a digital version online.

The SWE website is a really great site.  You can find information on scholarships,  the WE15 annual conference, Outreach for girls K-12 and podcasts.

Interested in attending a webinar?  You can register for any webinar on the Advanced Learning  site even if you can’t attend a webinar live go ahead and register some can be watched later! You can find links to past webinars at the SWE Webinar Archive.

SWE is really, really big and has a lot of resources.





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