Grad SWE Wants You!…to be an FY16 coordinator


Have you recently joined the SWE Graduate Community? Do you enjoy all the Blog and Facebook posts? Did you attend your region conference already this spring and were happy to find graduate student activities and workshops specifically developed for you? Have you participated in the graduate student webinars? Then you know what the Graduate Community does for all graduate students in SWE. Our mission is to foster an environment in which women graduate students in STEM, and those who support them, can find the resources they need to excel and graduate with their advanced degrees in order to help make the world a better place.

All of you have benefited from what the SWE Graduate Community offers, and so I strongly encourage you to apply for the FY16 Coordinator positions: Graduate Member Coordinator Elect, Regional Conference Coordinator, and Webinar Coordinator. You will be empowering and encouraging other women to continue their studies, and you’ll find you receive a tremendous amount of support as well. Applications are due April 1st (no joke). You can find more information about the positions as well as the applications on my previous blog post: Get more involved with SWE as a graduate student!

Before I go, I wanted to tell my own story of SWE involvement in the hopes that it may inspire you to apply for these positions. Since I was a freshman at Purdue, I have been involved in SWE. Almost every year since I joined SWE, I’ve held some sort of a leadership position. I truly believe that my involvement in SWE is what has helped me get all the way through to the PhD. I have always found the support I’ve needed from my fellow members, whether that was during the all-nighters of undergrad, or the fierce and overwhelming study sessions for the PhD qualifying exams. While holding a SWE Graduate Community leadership position is definitely extra work, it is well worth the time spent. From my SWE Grad leadership experiences, I have expanded my personal and professional networks and met remarkable people who serve as inspiration for me to finish my degree and make a difference in the world. Furthermore, I believe I make a difference in other peoples lives by helping them do the same through our SWE Graduate Community. In short, being a SWE Graduate Community leader has given me purpose outside of my research, introduced me to inspiring people, and helped me successfully navigate graduate school.

Now, I am about to defend and graduate…wow, how nine years of college has disappeared into so many fun experiences and adventures! I wish the same for all of you, and strongly encourage you to apply for the FY16 Graduate Coordinator positions! Please, please, let me know if you have any questions. I would be happy to talk with you via email, phone, Skype, Google Hangout…whatever you’d like! Contact me (Katharine) at if you’d like to chat!



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