Starting Something!

Get Ready!

I am a big fan of beginnings.  Hopefully you have had some time recently to reflect and rest so you can start this new year off right.

How do you relax?  How do you prepare for a new start?

Get Set!

I am also a big fan of plans and lists.  I find that the new year is a great opportunity to examine things and revise plans or come up with a new plan all together.

  • Any.Do (great, simple To Do lists)
  • Trello (Ultimate organization)

What do you use to make a plan?

Every year we are encouraged to make resolutions.  Lose weight, write more, read more, get up early or sit up straight.

What are some habits you hope to adopt in 2015?


But the most important thing about beginning that I like is a opportunity to leave the past behind.  If 2014 was difficult for you, as it was for many people, I hope 2015 provides some relief and a new start.   The best advice I every heard about leaving the past behind was from Hank Green:  You have no obligation to your former self!  You do not have to do something because you think you owe it to you from the past.  1) You are smarter than past you so you make better choices! 2) That person absolutely does not exist.

Happy New Year everyone!


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