SWE Webinar – How to Review Academic Papers

Reading and reviewing papers is an integral part of the graduate school life. Incoming students often are required to read relevant papers in their field as part of their graduate program, journal club, or research laboratory. Additionally, once graduate students start publishing research of own, they will inevitably be asked to review and critique papers in relevant academic journals. However, academic papers can prove difficult to navigate. The material is often very dense, and it is easy to become overwhelmed with the content. How can graduate students avoid these feelings when reading and reviewing these papers? Dr. Diane Peters from Kettering University is here to answer these questions!

Webinar Date and Time: Friday, November 21, 3:00 PM EST (2:00 pm CST)

Overview: If you’ve started to submit papers to conferences and journals, it’s inevitable that you’ll be asked to serve as a reviewer at some point. In this webinar, Dr. Diane Peters from Kettering University will talk about how you go about conducting these reviews. What do the terms blind review and double blind review mean? What are the differences between reviewing a conference paper versus a journal paper? How do you critically evaluate a paper and decide whether to recommend acceptance, revision, or rejection? You’ll learn what some of the key criteria are, and how you can apply them as you begin to review papers and contribute to your field’s academic community.

Speaker Bio: Dr. Diane Peters is an Assistant Professor of mechanical engineering at Kettering University, with extensive industry experience and publications in a wide range of conferences and journals. She has received Best Paper awards from the Graduate Studies Division of ASEE and the ASME Design Engineering Division’s Design Automation Committee. She has served as a reviewer for conference papers for the American Society for Engineering Education, various ASME conferences, and the American Control Conference, as well as for many journals including the Journal of Mechanical Design, Engineering Optimization, and the International Journal of Control.

Webinar Link: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/pjoin/232203394/105181030


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