What’s my region?

Classes are about to resume which means there are many new sets of graduate students beginning their studies. As someone who changed regions between undergrad and grad school, I was confused as to what my new region was when I began at UT-Austin. Here are some helpful resources for anyone switching regions or who may be curious as to what the other regions are up to.

SWE map of regions: http://societyofwomenengineers.swe.org/index.php/membership/swe-sections

Feel free to contact any of the Grad Community Leadership Team if you have a question regarding how to get involved in your region. You can also contact the Region Governor, or the Region Grad Student Rep listed on Region Grad Reps page of this blog.

If you have switched regions, make sure to contact SWE HQ to let them know by sending an email to Membership@swe.org. Make sure to include your membership number, your former section (professional or collegiate), and your new section (professional or collegiate). It is important to have the proper section connected to your profile for section financial purposes as well as general demographic information.

The Graduate Community is working with each region to ensure information regarding how graduate students can get involved with SWE may be found on all the websites and blogs. Lots of great information can be found on the region sites and blogs…check them out here:

Region A:

Website: http://www.swe-goldenwest.org/

Blog: http://regiona.wordpress.com/

Region B:

Website: http://sweregionb.org/

Blog: http://regionb.wordpress.com/

Region C:

Website: http://regionc.swe.org/

Blog: http://regionc.wordpress.com/

Region D:

Website: http://www.sweregiond.org/

Blog: http://regiond.wordpress.com/

Region E:

Website: http://regione.swe.org/

Blog: http://regione.wordpress.com/

Region F:

Website: http://regionf.swe.org/

Blog: http://regionf.wordpress.com/

Region G:

Website: http://www.swe.org/regiong/

Blog: http://regiong.wordpress.com/

Region H:

Website: http://regionh.swe.org/

Blog: http://regionh.wordpress.com/

Region i:

Website: http://regioni.swe.org/

Blog: http://regioni.wordpress.com/

Region J:

Website: http://regionj.swe.org/

Blog: http://regionj.wordpress.com/


As always, let us know your thoughts, be they comments, concerns, suggestions, or questions! Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment area below, or send one of the Leadership Team a separate email!


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