Welcome to FY15

Hello Grad SWE people!

I am very excited about the new fiscal year.  We are currently reviewing applications for the Webinar and Regional Conference Coordinators.  All of the applicants are outstanding and it will be hard to choose but we will be selecting new coordinators very soon.

Last year we had great response to our kick-off live google hangout meeting so we will try it again.  We always want to hear from the graduate community so please let me know if there is anything I can do to serve you better  by emailing me at grad-coordinator@swe.org.  Even if you didn’t apply to a coordinator position or you can’t attend the national or regional conferences you can still participate.  Do you have an idea for a webinar?  Do you want ideas for starting or expanding a grad SWE group at your school?  Do you have any questions about SWE?  I would love to hear from you!

My personal goal for this next year is to make this the best community possible.  I want every graduate student in SWE  to feel welcome here and I want to improve the graduate school and SWE experience for everyone.

Thank you to all the great folks in the community who have worked so hard in the past and continue to work to promote and improve the graduate SWE community.


Elizabeth Gregory

Graduate Member Coordinator


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