Why Be a Leader?

Hello all!

You may have notice that we (but really just I) have been spamming you with invitations to apply to be the FY15 webinar coordinator and Regional Conference Coordinator positions (which you can find here).  This is a great way to learn about SWE and get a new bullet on your resume but beyond that why would you ever want to devout any of your rare free time to meetings and planning and coordinating as opposed to napping, the gym and Netflix?  Well, I want to talk about that.  Three times in my life I have moved to a place with no family and no friends and I plan to do it, at least, a couple more times.  I am talking to graduate students so I assume that this is an experience that a few or even most of you can identify with.  What I have discovered is that unlike childhood or undergrad, in these new locations I have had to actively seek out community.  We are building a community for graduate women in engineering.  We are making a place for women who are new to a school, new to a state, or new to a country.  I want to make everyone feel welcome.


Elizabeth Gregory

Graduate Member Coordinator FY-15


One thought on “Why Be a Leader?

  1. Definitely agree with all you said, Elizabeth! Not only are we building a community, but being a leader within this community allows you network and become close friends with so many wonderful people throughout the country (and world)! The Annual and Regional Conferences allow us to reconnect in person, but thanks to this Blog and Facebook, we can connect on a daily basis. Taking on a leadership role within the Grad Community not only helps develop your networking and leadership skills, but it allows you to make an impact in promoting women in STEM advanced degrees.

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