SWE Demographics Now Includes Grad Student Status

SWE HQ has added a new demographic to their membership profile– your graduate student status!

Now, when you join SWE or renew your membership, you can check a box letting SWE know that you are currently in a graduate program. This will allow us to have a better grasp of how many grad students are actually involved in SWE, regardless of whether you are a collegiate or professional member!

This is hugely important, as it can lead to greater recognition of the graduate community, more resources depending on how large the community is, a better understanding of where we are around the country and even the world and where we are in terms of regions, and how many of us are collegiates or professionals.

Current graduate students, please update your information to reflect this!

  • If you have already renewed your SWE membership, please follow the directions included in the attached file: Graduate Student Demographic Change
  • If you are joining SWE or have not yet renewed your membership for FY15, simply look for the checkbox as you choose your section:



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