The Many Ways to be a SWE Grad Member

The end of FY14 is fast approaching, which means it is time to renew your SWE membership!

For many members, it’s as easy as collegiate membership vs. professional membership. The graduate community, however, blurs the lines between being a full-time working professional and a full-time collegiate student. If you’re a graduate student, you may have different needs from the average collegiate member, but professional membership’s significantly higher annual fee probably wouldn’t work for you either.

Fortunately, there is another option! SWE is now allowing graduate students to become professional members, but at the collegiate cost of $20/year! Being a professional member distinguishes you as already having a degree in STEM. You will receive webinars and other information from SWE targeted to professionals as well. Lastly–and most importantly, as a SWE members–you will be able to vote in SWE elections beyond your section!

If you are a full-time graduate student and interested in switching to professional membership, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit, and go to Membership > Profile to get to the ‘SWE Member Services Center’
  2. Select ‘Join/Renew my Membership’
  3. If you currently have collegiate membership, choose “Transition from Collegiate to Professional Member RENEWAL”
    If you currently have C2C (Collegiate-to-Career) membership, choose “Transition from Collegiate to Career (C2C) to Professional Member RENEWAL”
  4. If you are a Professional member, select the “Professional RENEWAL” membership product AND use the coupon code B2S in the box at the bottom of the page and then select “continue”. Your membership dues should be $20.

We have also added a new blog page focused on SWE Membership, that should hopefully demystify the membership options, benefits, and discounts.

Don’t wait until your membership has expired– renew now to continue staying involved in the 27,000 and growing network of women engineers!


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