Region Conferences begin this weekend!

The Region Conferences start this weekend in Houston with the Region C Conference! There are many great opportunities for graduate students to get involved at the region level, starting with attending the region conferences. Check out the January blog post here which gives the details for all region conferences as well as some sessions which may be of interest to graduate students.

The Region Conferences and dates are:

  • Feb 7-9: Region C
  • Feb 14-16: Region H
  • Feb 21-23: Region G
  • Feb 28 – Mar 2: Region B, Region D, Region i, Region J
  • Mar 28-30: Region E
  • Apr 4-6: Region F

A few updates to the original blog post: Region D will be hosting Rapid Fire research sessions and a “Succeeding in Graduate School” panel discussion. If you would like to participate in either, please see the information below.

Collegiates: Do you have research to present?

Graduate and undergraduate students are invited to present their STEM technical research at the Region D Conference Rapid Fire Research Session. Research from summer research opportunities through the dissertation level will be considered.  Selected participants will be asked to create a Powerpoint to accompany their 5-minute presentation.  To be select to present, please submit an abstract (max 250 words) by 2/17/14 via email to Stephanie Gillespie, Region D Graduate Student Representative at

Graduate Student Panelists wanted for Region Conference

Current graduate students are needed to present on a panel discussion at region conference on the topic of succeeding in graduate school. Geared towards new graduate students and undergraduate students interested in graduate school, share your experiences on funding, advisors, graduate coursework, and other related topics. If interested please contact Stephanie Gillespie, Region D Graduate Student Representative at .


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