Rapid Fire Sessions at WE13 Seeking Judges

The Graduate Community is hosting 2 separate Rapid Fire Sessions at WE13.  Each graduate student listed below, selected through a competitive abstract submission review process, will be giving a 5 minute presentation explaining how their research meets the National Academy of Engineering’s Grand Challenges in Engineering.

We are interested in having a diverse audience of professionals and academics participate as judges for the presentations.  No previous experience or background work is needed to be a judge. If you are interested in participating as a judge please contact: Marcella Vaicik (Marcella.vaicik@swe.org) and let her know which day or both that you would like to participate.  Judges will listen to the presentation during the session and then fill out a short feedback form that is anonymous.  At the end of the session the graduate student presenters will receive their feedback forms.

Rapid Fire Sessions are a great way to learn about cutting edge research in a short easy to understand format.  Graduate students are excited to share their technical work with people outside of their discipline at WE13 and to receive feedback to improve their technical communication skills.

Name Rapid Fire Presentation Day Presentation Title
Banafsheh Behzad Thursday Oct 24 at 4-5 pm Analysis of the United States Pediatric Immunization Market: A Game Theoretic Approach
Jennifer M. Knipe Thursday Oct 24 at 4-5 pm Biodegradable microencapsulated nanogel system for the oral delivery of siRNA
Kaitlyn J. Bunker Thursday Oct 24 at 4-5 pm High Dimension Droop Control for Wind Resources in DC Microgrids
Maria K. Jimenez Thursday Oct 24 at 4-5 pm Depth-sensitive Detection of Oral Precancer with Oblique Polarized Reflectance Spectroscopy
Nishamathi Kumaraswamy Thursday Oct 24 at 4-5 pm Biaxial Tissue Characterization to Obtain Mechanical Properties of Breast Skin
Shivani K. Gupta Thursday Oct 24 at 4-5 pm Improved Screening Strategy for Activatable Recognition Proteins
Tabitha Voytek Thursday Oct 24 at 4-5 pm Measuring the 21-cm Sky Brightness Temperature Spectrum at High Redshifts
Angeli Gamez Friday Oct 25 at 10-11 am The Impact of Wide-Base Tires on Pavement Damage – A National Study
Katherine R. Avery Friday Oct 25 at 10-11 am Characterizing an advanced automotive material under interacting damage modes
Maria Choi Friday Oct 25 at 10-11 am Modeling of a Hollow Cathode Plume Plasma
Ritu Raman Friday Oct 25 at 10-11 am A Projection Stereolithography System for High Resolution 3D Printing of Cells and Biomaterials
Suze Ninh Friday Oct 25 at 10-11 am Synthesis and fabrication of endovascular devices used in treatment of wide-neck intracranial aneurysms
Yunshan Wang Friday Oct 25 at 10-11 am MicroRNA profiling using conical optical fiber array
Rachel M. Unruh Friday Oct 25 at 10-11 am The Effect of Encapsulated Species on the Transport of Small Molecules through Hydrogels

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