Have you had an international research experience?


In an effort to globalize SWE grad, we are beginning to reach out to graduate women studying engineering and science in countries outside of the US. We hope to build and diversify our network, to make our community even stronger! Some interesting questions come to mind: Do graduate women in South America, for example, face the same issues commonly faced by graduate women in the States?  How different are job prospects? Is there an imbalance of women and men in technical programs? This dialogue would be a great one to get started, as we could widen our horizons and gain a better understanding of how science is conducted around the world!

As a first step, I would like to collect some information from the current SWE Grad followers. Have you ever participating in an international research collaboration, studied abroad in grad school, attended an international conference or short course, etc? I’ve been fortunate to travel abroad a few times in graduate school, one to France for a short course and once to Brazil for a research collaboration. These experiences were amazing for so many reasons! I advanced technically, gained knowledge and research skills to bring back to the US, and I benefited from being immersed in a different culture. For example, while the research goals for a typical day may be similar in Brazil, France or the US, the way in researchers achieve those goals are vastly different, but they all work. What’s been so great for me is that I can now adopt parts of those cultures and research norms to really make my graduate experience in the US unique and my own!

So, tell me a little bit about your international research experience! You can either fill out the form below, respond to this post, or just drop me an email.

Posted by Sofie Leon, International Coordinator, leon7@illinois.edu


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