WE13 Career Sessions, Networking, & so much MORE

WE13 will be in Baltimore, MD Oct 24-26, 2013.  We have some exciting sessions planned this year.  I wanted to take some time to highlight a couple of them.

First is the Graduate Community Networking event on Thursday Oct 24 starting at 10 am.  This will be a great chance to meet graduate students from other schools.  We will also be introducing the graduate leadership team and share updates about what the Community has accomplished this last year and what we have planned for the upcoming year.  There will be time for discussing what graduate students would like SWE to offer and how to get more involved in SWE, too.

Next, we have several specific sessions with Career Path related panels.  These are great for learning about different career paths and how other engineers found their jobs and developed their own careers.

  • Government Career Path: Government Jobs with a Graduate Degree, Thursday Oct. 24 @ 1:30 pm
  • Public Policy Career Path: Not Engineering as Usual: Career Opportunities for Engineers in Policy Thursday Oct. 24 @ 10 am
  • Academic Career Path: Strategies for Obtaining Your First Academic Position, Friday Oct. 25 @ 4 pm
  • Global Career Path: Global Opportunities for Graduates and Post Graduates Saturday Oct 26 @ 1:30 pm
  • Industry Career Path: Industry Career Path with a Master’s Degree Saturday Oct 26 @ 2:45 pm
  • Research Career Path (Industry, Government, & Academia): Comparing and Contrasting Research Positions in Academia, Industry, & Government Saturday Oct. 26 @ 2:45

Another great session planned this year that I am very excited about attending is the Mega Session titled Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome: How to Feel as Bright and Capable As Everyone Seems to Think You Are Thursday Oct. 24 @ 11:45 am

More sessions on many different topics and additional details can be found by searching the Schedule on http://we13.swe.org/

Also, don’t forget to update your CV or Resume and upload it to the SWE Career website http://we13.swe.org/career-fair.  Many career fair companies pre-screen applicants from the SWE Career database and invite selected applicants to special networking and interview events at WE13.

If you are planning to attend WE13 make sure to join our new listserv and join our facebook group as we will have some informal meet-ups while at conference and will utilize facebook to post the info.

I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new at WE13 — I hope to see you there!

Marcella Vaicik

WE13 Graduate Programming Coordinator


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