SWE Webinar: How to Find and Train Your Advisor

With the beginning of the fall semester around the corner, the selection of a research advisor is one of the most important decisions made during your graduate school career. 

Chandra Krintz, a professor of Computer Science at UC Santa Barbara, will lead a webinar on August 8, 2013 at 12p PT that will discuss the role of a research advisor. Additionally, she will expand on the role of a mentor, the task of finding an advisor, and what to do if things are not working out with your current advisor. 

To view the session, the webinars are located under the Learning tab on swe.org. Additionally, you can use this link to be directed to the webinars. There is a large catalog of excellent talks so feel free to browse previous webinars.

Speaker Bio: Chandra Krintz

ImageChandra Krintz is a Professor of Computer Science (CS) at UC Santa Barbara and CTO of AppScale Systems Inc. Chandra holds M.S./Ph.D. degrees in CS from UC San Diego.  Chandra’s research interests include compiler, programming language, runtime, OS, and distributed systems techniques that increase performance as well as programmer productivity. Her recent work focuses on cloud computing and the AppScale platform.  Chandra has supervised and mentored over 60 students, has published her work in a wide range of top venues, and leads several educational and outreach programs that introduce computer science to young people.  Chandra’s efforts have been recognized with a NSF CAREER award, the CRA-W Anita Borg Early Career Award, the UCSB Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Award, ACM and IEEE Senior membership, selection as a 2013 Cloud Computing Pioneer by Information Week.


2 thoughts on “SWE Webinar: How to Find and Train Your Advisor

  1. I tried to register for this webinar, but it doesn’t show up in the list of events that I can register for on swe.org. Does anyone know why?

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