FY14 Graduate Leadership Interest Meeting

July 17, 2013: This is the kick-off meeting for the SWE Graduate Community, with a focus on leadership opportunities for graduate students in SWE.

Please post questions/issues that you’d like discussed in the comments section below!


21 thoughts on “FY14 Graduate Leadership Interest Meeting

  1. Thank you for this, very helpful! Just wanted to mention not to be afraid to seek out funding at your school. Perhaps a diversity office can help, or a graduate office.

  2. Do we have a plan to expand the list on the blog of sections that actually have graduate student section? Last time I checked my region (D) had no groups listed online even though we do have some smaller groups active.

  3. Can you talk a little more about getting involved at a national level, for example on national committees? Are there some committees that we’d like to have a graduate perspective on?

  4. Is there a good resource for learning abourt all of the positions at the national/international level and specific to grad students? I get confused by all of the positions and how they relate to each other – a graphic or flow chart would be awesome. Thanks 🙂

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