Reminder: Renew your SWE Membership

As the latest fiscal year for SWE is coming to a close, just a quick reminder to renew your SWE membership for the upcoming FY14. Membership in SWE has a huge number of benefits, including access to webinars, discounted conference registration, career services, etc.

Graduate Students in SWE have a number of options for membership. SWE members pursuing advanced degrees full-time have the option of continuing as a collegiate member, provided they are not employed full-time in an engineering position or in a field related to engineering and are pursuing a graduate course of study towards an advanced degree in engineering or a field related to engineering or transferring their professional membership to a Professional Back to School. In order to be identified as a graduate student member, your SWE membership profile should be updated with your current academic status including discipline of study and an anticipated graduation date.

Please identify your membership type below to begin the process. All memberships expire June 30 for FY13. Some categories of members may be eligible for reduced dues rate. Please review the Discounted Memberships to determine your eligibility. If you have any questions, or need assistance, please contact SWE HQ for additional support.

Already renewed your membership? Login here to “Update My Information” to ensure SWE has the most recent contact information. For more details on renewing your specific type of membership grade, see below.

Professional Membership – Renew online before 6/30/13 and save $5

Login to the Member Services site now to renew for FY14 (July 1 – June 30, 2014) and confirm your contact information. Professionals who are enrolled full time in a graduate program are eligible for the Professional Back-to-School program (Coupon Code B2S) and pay the $20 collegiate rate while maintaining professional status. However, be aware that once you become a professional member you cannot be eligible for the Collegiate to Career (C2C) membership option. For other discount options see here for more information.

Collegiate to Career (C2C) Membership – Renew before 9/30/2013

Click here to confirm your continued membership in SWE. There is no payment required, but you must update your record and confirm your membership in SWE by continuing as a Collegiate to Career member or by transitioning to Professional membership, and select your section from the drop-down menu

Review and update your profile (“Update My Information”), paying particular attention to your current contact information and graduation date.

Collegiate Membership (non-C2C) – Renew before 9/30/2013

Login to the Member Services site and select a renewal option:

  • Select “Collegiate Member RENEWAL” for $20 annually.
  • Select the “Collegiate to Career (C2C) NEW for a renewing Collegiate member” for $50. This one-time payment option covers your membership during your collegiate career through your first year of professional membership. This is a great savings opportunity if you have two or more years of collegiate membership remaining.
  • Select “Transition from Collegiate to Professional Member RENEWAL” for $20 if you have completed your education and will be graduating this year
  • You should also view and update your profile (“Update My Information”), including your graduation date and current degree program.

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