Ways to get Involved in SWE as a Graduate Student

Congratulations to all the Spring 2013 Graduates!  As graduation marks a new chapter in many lives (motivating current grad students that it is possible to someday graduate), now seems to be a great time to have you think about what you want to include in your next chapter.  SWE has many activites to increase your leadership skills, develop your network in meaningful way, and to support other women in engineering.  There are many ways you can get more involved in SWE both as a graduate student and as recent graduate below I have listed a few ways to get more involved than just a general member.

There are several options currently recruiting and available for graduate students and recently graduated MS & PhDs to get more involved. There are varying levels of commitment and different ways to be involved.  I encourage you to connect into SWE.

Short Commitment Options:

  • Rapid Fire Research Presenter at WE13 more information is available in the Rapid Fire Callout Post. Abstracts DUE June 15, 2013.
  • Volunteer to judge the Freshman Scholarship Applications.  More information about how to volunteer to judgeThe judging is May 30 – June19, 2013. 
  • WE13 or WE14 Session Panelist – Need Graduate Student Panelist for “Graduate Student Involvement in SWE Sections” also can volunteer to be a panel session moderator if interested please contact Marcella Vaicik, Graduate Programming Coordinator WE13 at Marcella.Vaicik@swe.org.
  • Join the Graduate Student Community on Facebook by clicking here. Graduate students are welcome and encouraged to share opportunities for jobs, fellowships, and other items of interest to the Grad Student Community on Facebook.  We look forward to creating additional project leadership roles from within the Grad Student Community in the upcoming SWE fiscal year.  Those will be announced via the SWE Grad blog depending on project needs. 

Annual Commitment Options:

  • Join a Society Committee.  This is a great way to learn more about the inner workings of SWE.  Committees are also a wonderful way to meet and interact with other professional members and make an impact on SWE. Click here to learn more about the different Society level committees.Graduate SWE members have served on several different committees for example Collegiate Leadership Coach/Coaching Committee, Program Development Grants Committee, Women in Academia Committee, Collegiate Leadership Forum please read through the committee descriptions and sign up to be a committee member. To apply click here to be on a specific Society Level Committee, applications are DUE MAY 30, 2013:
  • WE14 Session Leader (can be session leader even if not able to attend conference) if interested contact Elly Sinkala at grad-programs-coordinator@swe.org. These roles start immediately after WE13 watch the SWE grad blog in October for the callout for these roles.
  • Take on a leadership role at your local collegiate section as Graduate Student Activities Liason contact your local section leadership to volunteer for this position.

 2 Year Commitment Options:

  • Society Level Graduate Programming Coordinator, successful applicants usually have served as session leaders at past WE conferences.  This role is a 2 year commitment with the first year serving as the Graduate Programming Coordinator Elect.  Applications will be available after WE13 watch the SWE grad blog this fall for this position.
  • Society Level Graduate Member Coordinator, successful applicants usually have held leadership roles in their local collegiate section, involvement in the Graduate Student Community as well as society level roles on committees.  This role is a 2 year commitment with the first year serving as the Graduate Member Coordinator Elect. Applications are available in early April with all society level leadership positions callout. 

Marcella Vaicik


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