Call for Abstracts for WE13

WE13 SWE Conference in Baltimore, MD October 24-26, 2013.  Abstracts are due March 4, 2013.  Graduate students are encouraged to apply (100 word abstract) to present your own research as a 15 minute Lightening Talk with 5 minutes for audience questions at the end (20 minutes total).  These were new at WE12 and brought a new way for students to share their technical expertise and their own research with other researchers and engineers in industry. At WE12 these sessions were recorded and made part of the virtual conference.

More than 6,000 women from around the world will be in Baltimore next October from the 24-26 for WE13 to make connections and make history. They’ll be coming to network, start or advance their career and experience highly rated professional development offerings. Plan now to be among your peers—save the date to ensure you are part of this inspiring conference. As a woman in engineering and technology, it’s the best way for you to add to your own personal history of success.

Marcella Vaicik

WE13 Graduate Programming Coordinator


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