Graduate Leadership Opportunity: Application for WE14 Graduate Programming Coordinator

We are currently seeking applicants for the WE14 Graduate Programming Coordinator (GPC) position. The GPC position is a two-year term filled by a SWE graduate student or recent graduate (one year as coordinator-elect and one year as coordinator). WE14 GPC will support WE13 GPC, Marcella Vaicik, for WE13 and then be the lead for WE14. The GPC lead and coordinate annual conference graduate programs (abstracts due March 2013), including abstract submissions, posters, rapid fire presentations, and update SWE grad blog . This person ideally will have attended WE12  and been involved in planning sessions for WE12. This person must attend WE13 and WE14 and will serve on the Conference Programming Board. WE14 GPC does not have to be current graduate students, but must have completed their graduate degree within the past 3 years. Applications are due by January 15th, 2013.

Application WE14 Grad Prog Coordinator

The leadership commitment timeline will look similar to this:

  • January 2013 — application submission and selection of WE14 GPC; Support WE13 GPC, Marcella Vaicik, with coordination of call for graduate program abstracts; help organize teleconference to discuss WE12 session successes and areas needing improvement and brainstorm new ideas; find session leaders
  • February 2013 — facilitate and work with session leaders to submit abstracts by March deadline
  • February – April 2013 — work with Conference Program Board to provide guidance on topic selection
  • April – August 2013 — Finalize conference schedule, communicate with session leaders about conference timelines, support session leaders by providing resources as needed, ad hoc roles and responsibilities
  • August – October 2013 — begin advertising campaigns for WE13 graduate programs; finalize conference schedule to reduce session conflicts; follow up on speaker registrations
  • WE13 — help your session leaders, connect with graduate students, advertise other sessions, and support Graduate Leadership team
  • after WE13 — tie up loose ends from WE13; Post session summaries to blog, transition into lead role and mentor WE15 GPC

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