CONFERENCE—Get Psyched Up!

This year at conference we have an exciting line-up of sessions organized for and by graduate students!  We have highlighted the Rapid Fire Research sessions on this blog in the past during our call for abstracts.  The results are in and we are excited about the quality of research we will hear about during those sessions. (Friday and Saturday, Nov 9th and 10th @ 1:30 PM)

Today, I will highlight our SWE Graduate Community events.  We will have two sessions that we hope will promote collaborations between graduate sections, help foster new ones to grow, and will provide a space for all of us to network and get to know each other.

The first session in our Graduate Track that will kick off the entire conference is the “Graduate School Community Meeting and Networking” (Thursday, Nov 8th @ 10AM).  Come and learn more about all the other graduate sessions, talk to the graduate students that planned and will moderate these amazing sessions, and learn more about being involved with SWE at a variety of levels, one of which is at the WE conferences.  The morning of Day 2 (Friday, Nov 9th @ 10AM), we will hold our “Graduate Student Involvement in SWE Sections” session.  This session, in the past, has been a great space for successful Graduate SWE sections to explain how they interact with the undergraduate sections, how they are structurally organized, and what types of events they plan on campus.

So if you are new to conference, or have been several times before, these are definitely two sessions you cannot miss!  The graduate community continues to become stronger and this is reflected in the quality of conference sessions offered by graduate student for graduate students.

For more information on other sessions at conference, see the table below.

Sessions organized by graduate students for graduate students at WE12!


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