Welcome (Back) to the SWE Graduate Member Blog.

The new academic year is upon us, with many Universities either already back to classes or getting ready to start soon. I thought I’d give a welcome to all of our new Graduate Members and a welcome back to those of you continuing in your programs.

As the Graduate Member Coordinator for FY13 (July 2012-June 2013), I wanted to let you all know about the exciting things that we have planned for the upcoming year. I also wanted to inform you about the opportunities for you as Graduate Members to get involved.

Graduate Webinars:

We are excited this year to be presenting a slate of graduate-related webinars for at home viewing. These webinars are free to paid SWE members; they can be viewed live if you want to interact with the presenter(s) or afterwards if you can’t make the live viewing time.

More information about upcoming webinars will appear in this blog as dates and times are finalized, but in the meantime you can view older webinars here (you will have to log in as a paid member to view for free).

SWE Annual Conference 2012:

WE12 will be held November 8-10, 2012 in Houston, Texas.

There will be a full slate of sessions for graduate students at the conference, organized by a dedicated committee of graduate students. These sessions include such topics as: ‘Career Options for Engineering PhDs’, ‘Global Opportunities for Graduate Students and Post-Graduates’, ‘Entering Industry with a Graduate Degree’, etc.

In addition, our Graduate Programming Coordinators (GPC) have set up two ‘Rapid Fire Research’ Sessions where you can give a five minute presentation of your research. Application information for this program is on this blog. See this post for more information. 

For more general information about WE12, see this website. You can also email our WE12 GPC (grad-programs-coordinator@swe.org)

Graduate Group Database:

We are trying to build a database of graduate groups in SWE to facilitate communication and best practices sharing. The database is posted on this blog under Graduate Groups. If you have a graduate group at your section and are not on this list, please contact me at (grad-coordinator@swe.org) and we will get your group added to the list.

SWE Region Conferences:

In the spring, each of SWEs ten geographic regions host individual conferences. These conferences may be easier to attend as they are usually over a weekend and may be closer to your geographic location. For this year we are trying to increase graduate participation at these conferences; planning an identical session at each conference.

The topic for this year will be “Funding your Graduate Education”. We are actively seeking volunteers to present at their local region conferences (to find your region search for your local section here). Content will be available for the presentation, you would just have to get to the conference and present. If you are interested in helping, please email me at (grad-coordinator@swe.org).

SWE Membership:

If you are not already a paid member of SWE, you are missing out on lots of opportunities; scholarships, webinars, discounted conferences, etc.

As a graduate student, you are eligible for the collegiate member price ($20 per year or $50 for all of grad school plus one year out).

To join or renew, go here. If you paid the $50 price previously you just have to confirm that you are still in school.

Once again, welcome to a new year of SWE; I look forward to the great things ahead.

– Tabitha Voytek, FY13 Graduate Member Coordinator (grad-coordinator@swe.org)


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