ATTENTION GRADUATE STUDENTS: Call for Participation at WE12!

This year at the WE12 conference we are offering two sessions for you to test your presentation skills in a very unique format: rapid fire!  We all have to network at conferences and distill our research down to only a couple of sentences, but rarely do we practice this “elevator pitch” before entering the networking arena.  In this session, we challenge graduate student researchers to compress their thesis and dissertation research down to a 5 min presentation.  The presentations will be reviewed and provided feedback by the audience and a panel of professionals on presentation style and delivery.

The two sessions have been organized around the National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenges.

Topics of Session 1:
(1) Energy and Sustainability: Make solar energy economical, Provide energy from fusion, Develop carbon sequestration methods.
(2) Global Growth, Development, and Resource Management: Provide access to clean water, Restore and improve urban infrastructure, Manage the nitrogen cycle

Topics of Session 2: 
(1) Bioscience, Biotechnology, & Biomedicine: Advance health informatics, Engineer better medicines, Reverse-engineer the brain.
(2) Enabling Technologies and Education: Enhance virtual reality, Advance personalized learning, Engineer the tools of scientific discovery, Prevent nuclear terror, Secure cyberspace

Please complete the abstract proposal and application form HERE or copy and paste the following link into your browser:

Feel free to email any questions to Katherine Alfredo (

Thank you,
Katherine Alfredo
FY12 Graduate Programming Coordinator

Marcella Vaicik
FY13 Graduate Programming Coordinator


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