Interested in SWE Leadership Positions?

As a graduate student, or future graduate student, are you interested in taking your leadership skills to the next level?  Many graduate students already have significant leadership experience from their respective sections, but are not aware of the many opportunities available at the Society level.  These types of leadership positions may be well-suited for many graduate students, as most work is done on your own time — through email and occasional teleconferences.

SWE is seeking candidates for FY13 leadership positions (FY13 = July 2012 – June 2013). There are several open positions, but in particular, we are seeking a new Graduate Member Coordinator-Elect (GMC-Elect).  Here is the description for the position:

The Graduate Member Coordinator is responsible for fostering a strong community and network for graduate students in SWE by facilitating communication between graduate students in SWE and SWE graduate student groups, and by representing the interests of graduate students in the Society.

The Graduate Member Coordinator is a two-year term filled by a SWE graduate student (one year as coordinator-elect and one year as coordinator). The candidate must be or have been involved with a SWE Collegiate Section.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, I encourage you to check out the full application packet, which can be found through the following link.  I’m also happy to discuss my experience serving in this role with you, too.  Applications are due by April 27, 2012.

SWE Seeking Candidates for FY13 Positions

Graduate students have also served as the Collegiate Leadership Forum Coordinators, as well!  Don’t think you want to dive straight into a chair position, yet?  There will be a call for Committee Members in May or June — check for emails from SWE HQ, or for announcements in the monthly SWE All Together.  I’ll also post a reminder here.  You can get an idea for what the Society Leadership structure, including committees, looks like here:

SWE Leadership Structure

As an undergrad, I went to a school with a particularly large SWE section.  It took me a few years to climb the ranks, as was expected, from active member -> committee chair/event coordinator -> executive board -> section president.  So of course, when I got to graduate school, I didn’t want to have to start that over again!  I began looking for other ways to stay involved with SWE that better suited my style, skills, and schedule.  I ended up joining the Collegiate Leadership Coaching Committee to improve my speaking skills, and to share my experiences with younger SWE members.  I also joined the Strategic Planning Committee, which helps to ensure that SWE is staying current with the engineering field and its membership by doing annual reviews of SWE’s strategic goals and plans.

Both of these committees gave me a chance to continue growing professionally, which is something that not many PhD students have the chance to do.  There isn’t one committee that will be a good fit for every graduate student — you just need to find what it is that you’re interested in, or what committee will help you to develop professionally in an area that you are interested in.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions!  Section counselors, professional members, and region leaders are all great people to ask.  And of course, I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.

Please let me know what positions you end up in, as coordinators, chairs, or committee members.  I’d love to hear about all the different areas in SWE that our graduate members are making an impact!

Prinda Wanakule
FY12-13 Graduate Student Task Force Chair
FY12 Graduate Member Coordinator


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