WE11 Highlights for Current and Future Graduate Students

Over the past year, graduate students and women in academia from all over the world have been working together to create new and exciting conference sessions that are relevant to graduate school and graduate students. These collaborative efforts have culminated in a diverse series of programming sessions at WE11, addressing all stages of graduate study—from the application process to post-graduate career options. Here are a few highlights from this inspiring new track.

Interested in going to graduate school? Lookout for the following sessions:

  • Funding Your Graduate Education
  • Applying for Graduate School
  • Transitioning from Industry to Graduate School

Want to enrich your graduate school experience? Discover new opportunities at the following sessions:

  • Graduate Students and SWE: Growing Opportunities
  • Global Opportunities for Graduate and Post-Graduate Students
  • Minority Women: Diversity and Mentoring in the Research Environment
  • Graduate School Community

Looking for graduate professional development? Learn a wealth of information at the following sessions:

  • Grant Proposal Writing & Funding
  • Quick Tips for Teaching Engineering
  • Ethical Dilemmas in Research and Graduate School
  • Using Informal Lunch-time Seminars to Mentor the Whole Woman Graduate Student
  • Designing Hands-on Learning for Kids

Considering career moves following your advanced degree? Explore the options at the following sessions:

  • Navigating the Academic Career Pathway
  • Emerging Career Pathways for PhDs
  • Entering Industry with a Graduate Degree
  • To Post-Doc or Not to Post-Doc

More information about any of these sessions may be found on the WE11 website. I hope you can join us for these groundbreaking sessions! If you have any questions or comments regarding graduate students and SWE, I would love to hear from you. I am looking forward to meeting you all in Chicago!

Best wishes,
Prinda Wanakule
FY12 Graduate Member Coordinator


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